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This project started in Northern Ireland with participants who met each other through charity-led Long Covid  support groups. 

The participants use the TIYGA Pain Clinic App to track over 40 symptoms - the choice of symptoms and observations being tracked is determined by patient experience. New symptoms can be added dynamically to reflect the changing nature of Long Covid. They capture data daily and they have been reporting data for several months. TIYGA is analysing the near  real time data for patterns and trends and to produce reports that help healthcare professionals to support Long Covid patients.

These patients suffer from fatigue, brain fog, breathlessness, headache, muscle weakness, joint pain, heart racing, sensitivity to light and noise - and so much more. The app has to be quick and easy to use over long periods of time to study the progression of disease and see when people are recovering or if their health is deteriorating. The patients are happy for data to be shared with healthcare professionals who can help them. Patients can enter free text to explain what's happening each day.

Read more about what is is like to have Long Covid here : A nurse who is now a Long Covid patient tells her own story

See a short overview of the project in this video     

If you are a clinician or researcher and you would like a copy of our Overview Report or the detailed individual case studies (where users allow them to be shared) please contact TIYGA Health.

We also capture data from ME/CFS and chronic pain patients. 

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