01 / FAST

Time is your greatest asset. There is no software to install and no hardware to procure or manage. Healthcare professionals use a private TIYGA™ dashboard, can  create accounts and quickly begin receiving patient data via the simple  rating and diary  apps for patients (available from popular app stores). Patients can logon and  report how they feel to their own healthcare professionals. TIYGA™ :  Voice of the patient.


Healthcare professionals can logon securely to their own private TIYGA™ dashboard from any web-enabled device, create and manage fully anonymised patient accounts and review patient self-report data at a time convenient to them. Patients use anonymised accounts that can be de-activated if their device or account is compromised. No personally identifiable data is recorded, data is stored in the UK. No data is stored on the devices.

03 / EASY

TIYGA™ apps are designed for ease of use. Our users include people who are infrequent users of technology. In  a few seconds, report how you feel or speak your own comments. The apps require minimal effort to use and tell it how it really is, capturing lived experience - the good days alongside  the bad days. TIYGA™ dashboards require little training so rapid deployment is readily achievable and this can release more time  to deliver care.




We have one life but many demands on our time. We wanted a way to see and understand the patterns associated with our lifestyle choices and to use those insights to help people to make better choices. We can use the technology in our pocket to capture these personally meaningful little data and combine them with data about our environment to plan our daily life better. Time is your greatest asset - for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.


TIYGA provides simple apps to enable people to become more active in managing their own health, so that they feel more in control and less reliant upon the frontline healthcare system. Fewer unnecessary journeys to healthcare sites, and less burden of recall. More real time contextual detail can enable timely interventions and allow better use of healthcare services. TIYGA™ helps people to help themselves whether they are well or patients in a healthcare ecosystem. 


TIYGA™ is a cloud-based ecosystem which enables personally meaningful and contextually relevant data to be captured by individuals about how they feel and what they are doing. Simple apps are configured to suit each individual, and are tailored to accommodate changing circumstances. These data can be combined with other data for predictive analytics, virtual and augmented reality and input to artificial intelligence systems. We make smart healthcare a reality.


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